What is Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation (Supervising Organization)?

Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation is a supervising organization that specializes in mediating foreign technical intern trainees (mainly from Myanmar) in the field of caregiving.

Purpose of Establishment

The objective of our group is to contribute to the “human resource development” through the acquisition of Japanese caregiving skills and knowledge with which technical intern trainees play a role in the development of their own country after their returning home. We also address regional contribution activities through welfare and nursing businesses by training caregiving human resources so that they can maintain the high expertise.

Business Descriptions

In addition to mediating between overseas sending organizations and implementing organization (*care worker occupations) in Fukushima Prefecture, we engage ourselves in the following.

  • Support to send technical intern trainees working as a care worker for implementing organizations (business sites)
  • Guidance for implementing organizations on preparation of their technical intern training plans
  • Implementation of post-entry lectures
  • Periodic audits and on-site guidance to implementing organizations
  • Provide consultation for technical intern trainees

In recent years the number of tourists and workers from abroad have been increasing in Fukushima Prefecture as well. This means that the globalization is progressing. For everyone involved in caregiving business in Fukushima, we suggest that you consider having technical intern trainees from Myanmar looking ahead to the vitalization and globalization of your organization.

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Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “TIC”) hereby provide the following Privacy Policy to build the structure for protecting personal information and to promote the protection of the personal information by thoroughly making all employees address and realize the importance of personal information protection.

Management of Personal Information

TIC shall always keep our customers’ personal information updated and conduct necessary measures such as the maintenance of the security system as well as the management system and employee training to avoid illegal access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage of personal information. By doing this we shall conduct the strict management of the personal information.

Purpose of using personal information

TIC may use personal information of our customer for the purpose of communicating our notices and information to our customers and for responding to our customers’ questions by sending e-mails and documents.

Prohibition of Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to any Third Party

TIC shall manage the personal information of our customers appropriately and shall not disclose such personal information to any third party except for the following cases:

  • Where the customer’s consent is obtained
  • Where we disclose such information to our business agent so as to operate the service (s) which the customer desires
  • Where such disclosure is required by laws or regulations

Safety measures for Personal Information

TIC shall take necessary security measures for protecting accuracy and safety of our customers’ personal information.

Confirmation of identification of the customer

If our customers desire to refer, correct or delete their own personal information, we shall respond to their request duly after confirming the customer’s identification.

Compliance of Laws and Regulations and Revision of the Policy

TIC shall comply with the Japanese laws, regulations and bylaws applicable to personal information in our possession, and shall revise and/or improve the contents of our Privacy Policy as may be necessary.

Address and Phone Number

For inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact us.

Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation

135-196 Yudaidou, Jouban Kamiyunagayamachi, Iwaki Shi, Fukushima Ken, 972-8322, Japan

Phone number:0246-80-8388

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What is “Technical Intern Training Program”?

The Technical Intern Training Program was established as a formal program in 1993 based on the high evaluations of training programs conducted by overseas local companies and others in the form of employee education starting in the late 1960s.

The objective and purpose of the Technical Intern Training Program are to transfer skills, technologies, or knowledge (“Skills etc.”) accumulated in Japan to developing and other regions and to promote international cooperation by contributing to the development of human resources who can play roles in the economic development of those developing regions.
The objectives and purpose have remained constant since the establishment of the Technical Intern Training Program in 1993, and the Technical Intern Training Act provides that a fundamental principle of the program is that “technical training shall not be conducted as a means of adjusting labor supply and demand” (Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the Act).

The particulars of the Technical Intern Training Program are intended to form employment relationships between corporations, sole proprietors, and other businesses in Japan with technical intern trainees so that the trainees can acquire, master, or enhance Skill etc. that would be difficult to acquire in their home countries. The training period is a maximum of five years, and acquisition of Skills etc. is conducted pursuant to technical intern training plans.

Process from Application to Making an Employment Contract


Application for the Recruitment of Technical Intern Trainees

If you wish to apply for the program, please contact Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation (Tel 0246-80-8388).



Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation will contact overseas sending organizations to recruit personnel who meet the requirements.


Selection of Candidates for Interviews

The sending organizations select candidates from the applicants who meet the requirements; the candidates will be interviewed by the implementing organization.


Interview/Final Decision

The candidates and the implementing organization respectively will decide whether they will make a contract after the interview.


Employment Contract

If both sides agree, an employment contract will be made between the implementing organization and the technical intern trainees.

Process of Technical Intern Training from Entry into Japan until Return to Home Country

“Japan International Trainee & Skilled Worker Cooperation Organization”

Technical intern trainees start with “Technical Intern Training (i)” for the first year after entry. They make the shift to “Technical Intern Training (ii) by passing the specified Technical Intern Training Evaluation Examination for the second and the third years.
(*The fourth and fifth years are included in expansion measures limited to excellent supervising organizations and implementing organizations (accepting facilities)).
After acquiring skills and knowledge during the program, the technical intern trainees are expected to utilize the acquired skills in their home countries.

About Specified Skilled Worker

What Is Specified Skilled Worker?

“Specified Skilled Worker” is a status of residence for foreign nationals who work in jobs that require a considerable knowledge of or experience in Specified Industry Fields. Unlike “Technical Intern Training Program”, which was created for international contribution through technology transfer, this status was built to cope with labor shortages by accepting foreign nationals who have a certain level of expertise and skills, and can start working immediately.

Since the support for the specified skilled workers requires specialized knowledge, it may be difficult for accepting organizations (companies that employ them) to give full support by themselves. Therefore, Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation, as a registered support organization for Specified Skilled Worker in the nursing care field, provide support to accepting organizations; making a support plan, conducting the support plan instead of the accepting organization so that specified skilled workers can work in a stable and smooth manner.

Differences between Specified Skilled Worker and Technical Intern Trainee

Specified Skilled Worker is different from Technical Intern Trainee in respect of “change of jobs”, “period of stay”, “work experience”, and “need of a supervising organization”. If you look at technical intern trainees as “those who come to Japan to gain overseas work experience and make use of the skills in their own countries” while specified skilled workers as “an industrial-ready worker coming from abroad”, it will make it easier to understand the differences.

※Excerpt from “Initiatives to Accept New Foreign Nationals and for the Realization of Society of Harmonious Coexistence” by Immigration Services Agency of Japan

Specified Skilled Worker in the Nursing Care Field

There are two types of status of residence in “Specified Skilled Worker”: (i) and (ii). As of September 2020, nursing care is approved only in Specified Skilled Worker (i).

Process of Accepting the Specified Skilled Worker

In principle, “Specified Skilled Worker” requires direct employment with foreign workers. Accepting organizations must provide support for the foreign workers.
Please refer to the following “Procedures Accepting Organizations Need to Follow” for the details of the support.

As for the support services, all or part of the support plan can be outsourced to a registered support organization. A registered support organization is an organization that supports both the specified skilled workers and accepting organizations.
Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation, as a registered support organization for Specified Skilled Worker in the nursing care field, implements all or part of the outsourced support service on behalf of accepting organizations.

For recruiting, interviewing, and hiring specified skilled workers, there are two types; “foreign nationals staying in Japan” and “foreign nationals living overseas”.

Procedures Accepting Organizations Need to Follow

The following procedures and supports are required when an accepting organization hires a foreign national with Specified Skilled Worker.

  • Creation of a support plan for the specified skilled worker
  • Implementation of 10 items of the support plan
  1. Provide Advance Guidance
    Explain in person or by video call working conditions, immigration procedures and security deposit collection, etc. after the signing of employment contract but prior to applying for a Certificate of Eligibility or applying for permission to change the status of residence
  2. Pick-up and Drop-off when Entering and Leaving Japan
    Pick-up and Drop-off between airport and office or home when arriving
    Pick-up and drop-off and accompaniment to security checkpoints at airport when returning
  3. Support with Contracts Necessary to Secure Housing / Living
    Serving as a joint guarantor, providing company housing, etc.
    Guidance on opening a bank account, and establishing utility and mobile phone contracts, etc.
  4. Provide Life Orientation
    Explanation of Japanese rules and manners, how to use public institutions, contact information and disaster response for smooth social life
  5. Accompany for Official Procedures
    As necessary, accompany for residential registration, social security and tax procedures, etc., and aid for document preparation
  6. Provision Opportunities to Learn Japanese
    Enrolment information for Japanese language classes and provision of information on Japanese learning materials, etc.
  7. Respond to Questions and Complaints
    With respect to consultations and complaints about work and life, provide necessary guidance and advice in a language which can be fully understood by the foreign nationals.
  8. Promote Exchanges with Japanese People
    Provide guidance and assist in the participation in exchanges with local residents such as neighborhood associations, and local festivals etc.
  9. Support Change of Employment (in the event of staff reduction etc.)
    Help to find work in the event that the accepting side cancels the employment contract due to their own circumstances, providing a letter of recommendation, and the granting of paid leave for job hunting and necessary administrative procedures, etc.
  10. Regular Interviews and Reporting to Administrative Agencies
    The person responsible meets regularly with the foreign national or their boss (at least once every three months) and reports any violations of the Labor Standards Act.
    ※Excerpt from “Initiatives to Accept New Foreign Nationals and for the Realization of Society of Harmonious Coexistence” by Immigration Services Agency of Japan

Contact us

For inquiries about “Specified Skilled Worker”, please contact “Tokiwa-kai International Cooperation” at 0246-80-8388.

Organization Overview

Organization nameTokiwa-kai International Cooperation
Target areasFukushima Prefecture
Target occupationCare worker occupations
Address135-196 Yudaidou, Jouban Kamiyunagayamachi, Iwaki Shi, Fukushima Ken, 972-8322, Japan
Phone number0246-80-8388